"In the beginning … there was passion, manifested only as doodles in the margins of school text books. From very early in my childhood, I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life. This passion, though possibly unrealised at the time, was not altogether arbitrary. My father had been an engineer throughout his entire professional life. Additionally, he devoted a good deal of his spare time in the home workshop, crafting perfectly executed machines in the form of race cars, hot rods and various other masterpieces. The desire to create, and the potential to do it with precision and imagination, was simply ingrained"

Graphic Design Peterborough
Vinyl Wrap Cambridgeshire

Wrapp is a Peterborough based kitchen and interior wrapping specialist. It started with designing and installing graphics for some of motorsports big names. It's now a national interior, kitchen and vehicle wrapping specialist across the UK.

From our in house design team through to our experienced installation team we can bring you a basic logo design to a complete retail store architectural wrap.. We are accredited by the industry leading vinyl manufacturers and we confidently offer a two year warranty on all installations.