Wrapping offers a cost effective way of updating and modernising your kitchen, furniture, walls and much more.

It can be 80% cheaper than replacement and lasts for over 10 years.

With 1000's of colours and finishes to choose from we can transform your space in a few days with virtually no disruption. 







Every surface is a potential project, we can wrap kitchens, furniture, doors, upvc doors, glass and much more.


Authentic to the hand and eye our vinyl range includes woods, fabric, marble and much more.


 By wrapping your existing surface there is no noise, dust or disruption. It takes 1-2 days.


Highly resistant to impact, abrasion and scratching, Wrapp Interior Film has a 10-12 year life expectancy


Frequently asked questions

How do I get a quote?

Getting a quote is easy, no visits and no salesman. All we need is some pictures of your kitchen ensuring we are able to count all doors and cupboards. We use software to measure the kitchen allowing us to give you an accurate cost.

How Does it Work?

Using high quality architectural vinyl we cover external surfaces in your kitchen, doors cupboards, plinths and worktops. Best described as a "kerbside view" we cover all external surfaces where possible. The insides of doors, underneath worktops and under shelves are not wrapped. We come to your property on the morning of installation, all of the doors are removed and carefully wrapped, carcusses, plinths and finally the worktops.

How Long Does it Take?

1-2 days. This will be dependant on the size and complexity of your kitchen.

Is any Preperation Required

Although we try to take care of everything we ask you clear all worktops and ensure the kitchen is clean on all surfaces ensuring no grease etc. We rub the entire surface down with an isoproponyl spray prior to wrapping however extra cleaning adds time to our job.

How Long Will it Last?

Highly resistant to impact, abrasion and scratching, Wrapp Interior Film has a 10-12 year life expectancy however will always almost last longer. It is heat resitant up to 110 degrees and can be cleaned using normal or eco friendly cleaning products.

What if My Kitchen has Damage

We often see kitchens with chipped edges, peeling laminte, etc. Although we have some great solutions to remove laminates, and fill damage where we can we always advise that wrapping is a cosmetic change and not a kitchen replacment. The wrap will often reflect the surface underneath.

How Do I look at Colours and Finishes

You can look at our brochure via the link on this page. Due to the volume of sample requests we get we are unable to post physical samples at the moment. If you would like to see a physical sample you are always welcome to visit us in Ramsey.

How Do I Book?

Once you have recieved your quote and choosen your colours and finsh we will send your booking form by email or messenger. Your installtion date will be confirmed upon reciept of the listed 20% vinyl deposit.

Do we get a Warranty?

Your new kitchen Wrapp is covered by a one year workmanship warranty to cover the unlikley event the vinyl fails or bubbles. The vinyl is covered by a 10 year guarantee against fading and cracking.



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